Thursday, December 2, 2010

My best friends; Josh Beech, Jeremy Young and Ian Somerhalder.

This will be the most random post that I've been posted here on this lame blog, I think! All I could say that my boredom conquered my mind and I can't think straight about the solution any how. Okay, let's move on to the picked subjects.

Nana, my best friend gave me that name. 'Baby Mel'. Oh how cute! Ahaha

2. My lil bro or can I addresses him with 'you-know-who' just now got in a relationship with his partner and that's boost my spirit to the limit where I get overwhelmed and excited that from now on, he will be guided by someone he loves the most. That's kinda sweet for me as I knew my brother, well, not that very-well, but can I say, I knew him and I was glad that now his got what he's been searching for in life. Am too happy for you, brah!

3. SPM will be ended up very soon and that's mean that the school days will come to an end too. Well, to boot, I'm currently in sorta mixed flavour, you know. All that I felt were in my jar of heart and only me that know what I felt in deep. I'm too scared as I am not satisfied with my work in this exam plus I'm kinda gleeful to end my years in school yet felt a bit blue about the leaving. Well, that's all the things that will me going through and wish me luck for that buddies! Wish me good, wish me well! Hihi

4. I'm now in a high fever and for your info, tomorrow morn, Physics papers will be held and my knees are shaking and all my nerves are breaking into pieces. O guys, pray for me! I'll do my best-est, as God will. Insyaallah.


Ans said...

woot woot!

atiqqq said...

Halamak, ada budak hot woot woot i lah! *terpengsan