Saturday, October 30, 2010

The happy ending is me on my own, freeing myself up for something better.

October 29, 2010
Think beyond the future to sees what will happen then.

Section 1

The day the parents came to school to pick the trial's slip. And for you info, my results were not that great and please stop asking because I wont reply your question with my silly grades. Okay, at first when Ayah showed-up, I was like very surprised as he said that he couldn't make it to school as he had something 'more' important to do.

Section 2

We faced the teachers and I was the one who got the reddish ears ever there. They're scorning me with the soft words and saying that my grades were so weak. They said that I have to fight for myself if I don't want to get down and they even kept remembering me that I really am have the obligation to fit the real exam held very soon with the real great grades. "Study smart and please do this for your parents if you're not planning to do this for yourself" said Ustazah. The talks were hold for about 10 minutes something and there, my heart was exploded. I felt like to cry and I was really sorry yet very angry towards myself. I shouldn't be so lazy in back then 'cause now I pay the price. :'(

Section 3

However, as 'everyone deserve a second chance', I think I had to get my ass work by now and I will not taking these things recklessly from now on. I will get everything back to normal and I will study hard and that command is started from now. Study study study!

Section 4
I was alone in my room and get my mind flew and thinking forward; my conclusion was: Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are the biggest weakness of mine. So, wish me a very good luck to not to get online again and yeah wish me luck for my up-coming big exams. Bye! (:


Khaleeqa Idrus said...

BOY -- study harder! You won't regret it after you leave the medieval school. Like seriously, dude! I cared less about studying and scoring with flying colours but for the sake of pursuing your studies in higher institution, you need to get your lazy ass up. I've undergone it. It was indeed very harrowing when my application to university was rejected due to lack of qualification. I bet you don't want to be useless loon wandering at the street aimlessly. I bet you wouldn't wanna be a trash in the future. Right?

So, best of luck! I'll pray for your success ;)

atiqqq said...

Kakak, long time no see! Where have you been gone? I'm sorta missing you and your comments! ROFL

Yeah thanks for the advices. You're so inspiring yet a good motivator, kakak! Hihi Thanks tau? (:

Khaleeqa Idrus said...

Before, I was busy with preparation for final exam (FYI, I didn't bring a laptop to college). Now, I'm busy sleeping and wetting my bed. HAHA! I'm on holiday.

Dude, just blitz on the killing examination. People are not aware that UiTM which used to be the university that people paid less attention to, now is very strict and very demanding. Even 5As' students (like me) are barely being accepted. People always aim the most prestigious university like UM and blah blah, but most of them are actually qualified for only UiTM. Even worse, some of those are not qualified for any University, even UiTM which is said to be having the lowest perfomance or whatnot. And they eventually go nowhere.

If you say that private colleges would welcome you, then you should think of your parents. You've hurt them with low marks for trial (I did the same thing too, fyi), and you want to add up burden with the awfully expensive fee? Let's show to the old folks that nowadays youngsters (like us) are not as foolish as they always claim.

Study harder, okay? ;)

AdiE said...


~ DanieL AdiE ~

atiqqq said...


Thanks for the speech, kakak! Hihi. I'll try my best to show them and to prove them all wrong. Pray harder for me, will you? Ya Allah, help me!

atiqqq said...


Heyy there, thankies!