Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dealing with the mess is not that easy!

After five days passing by rapidly, my 2010 are all about a mess!

Morning sunshine!

As I was there in the assembly hall along with Hakim, while drawling up, he suddenly goes loud and said,
'kau tau tak kau kejam?'
He was talking something about my S,
and I was kinda shocked and surprise with that kind of statement, really.
Oh gosh, what did I do? I just put my S aside when I found a new person (H)
and I just throw S away, just like that!
What a monster I was? Really cruel me!

Then, minutes later.

'Muhammad 'Atiq Syimir Bin Johari, 5 Pesona'

My name was in the air and the people listened. I've been called by a teacher and she asked to see my parents for some problems of mine. And once again, gosh, another mess! As for now, I'm seeking a chance to slow talk with the parents about my problems and ask them to face 'that' teacher. Oh gosh, help me, I'm scared!

A blue night.

I was seeking a talk with Ibu, but as I woke up from my evening sleep, I was alone at home and sleepy like hell; the family members are gone. I've got no idea where the hell were them. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be talking to Ibu about this problem. God willing.

*sorry for the grammar mistakes!


k.A said...

ohhh, budak nakal ye kat skolah :D

atiqqqq said...

mane ade nakal lah!
budak famous mmg slalu kene panggil!

Hans said...

nicely written .. =)

atiqqqq said...


atiq said...

For your info, my problems were solved and everything were just fine.
Thanks for being concern, guys!