Monday, January 4, 2010

The best-est day of my life | January 1st

We're acting like lovers although our love story are still
not that officially named as a love story. (:

As now S gone away likes forever from my life, me then got a new nicotine patches for my broken heart, so cute and charm, named as H. H gave me a new hope in my love-life as I am a loser in love, yeah a L-O-S-E-R! Actually, H was in my wish list for 2010 and thank God for listening my prays. My wish came true when H text and asked me for a walk. We went to H's place and done something crazy, together. We then off to Pavilion, holding hands and k***ing and about hours later, at 0136 I was home and we're texting. Awww so cute!

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Kelvin said...

Wow, so sweet for a New Year^^

miss bla bla said...

ler, aku br je nk ngorat ko..x jadi dh laa..emm follow aku blk

atiqqqq said...


yeah that's too sweet for me!

btw, thnx fr being here!
really hope to see you again and again and again!

atiqqqq said...

miss bla bla:

pandai la kau kan?
asal xmasuk line awal awal sikit?
skng kan da melepas!

fith said...

happened to me too!

atiqqqq said...


well then, good luck for your new love life lah.