Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My first week at school | What a fuck'n disaster?

One week of being schooled, yeah I LOVE my school! Hey there, I'm serious lah!

The first week of being schooled was a half nightmare and the other half of a not-so-nice sweet dream, I guess!

  • I've been called for a mess I created last year
  • The best-friends-forever were collapsed and getting far away from each other
  • I've got a number of good teachers whom will teach me for the whole senior-year and they're great so far! I love my (English, Chemistry, Add. Math, Math, History, Bahasa and Ict) teachers! Eh I love my Ustazah too! ROLF
  • I placed myself very next to the person I hated the most (I) in the classroom.
  • I've been so crazy over foodies and I don't know why, my tummy getting belly and more jelly than before plus I've gained some weight
  • and so many others!

Oh gosh, almost everything related to 2010 are all about a mess, sorry me!


k.A said...

baru awal tahun.semangat! hehe

fitriah said...

hye atiqq!

goodluck with your school stuff! ;)

atiqqqq said...


thanks for the advice, k.A!
I really appreciate it.
thanks again!

atiqqqq said...


Thanks for the wish, kak.

norshafinaz said...

hye there.
i follow u, tp xpenah komen.
spm this year?
goodluck. enjoy this last year being high school student.

AdiE said...

too bad to hear that dude...

be strong!!
best of luck..

~daniel adie~

Hans said...

xpe lerr .. nxt year ade lg .. haha ..

Kelvin said...

lol the 5th one is the one have now:D

atiqqqq said...


thanks for being concern, Adie.
I'm better now, no worries.

atiqqqq said...


mmg la next year ade lagi,
tapi next year dah xde sekolah lah, Hans.

atiqqqq said...


Thanks for the wish, kak.
I'll do my best for my future spm, for sure.
Hopefully 10 A's lah kan, insyallah

yeahh mmg lah kene enjoy!
senior year lah kate kan, kan?

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Khaleeqa Idrus said...

Hello Atiq. Khaleeqa here. I'm doing blog walking to find new and fresh readings. And I found yours. Cool and your English is quite good. I'm impressed, blogger.

Good luck for the major exam. The most important thing is, do not ever hate and curse any teacher that you are not comfortable with or having a problem with. And be nice with everybody to get their blessings. All the best :)

Oh ya, there's a small grammatical error. It is supposed to be "I've been" not "I've being". I hope you don't mind ><"

Keep blogging, blogger ;)

atiqqqq said...


Hello big sister!

I have read all your words and have help me much!
I really am appreciating your lovely words, thanks for the advice, btw!

Oh ya, about my grammatical error,
I really don't mind, for sure!
thanks for your exhortation.

*thanks for coming :)

zuhana zulkifli said...

agree with youu ,2010 was such a big mess .nothing as i expected it to be .how bad was that ? ughh

atiq said...

100% agree!
Such a big mess lah 2010 nie.