Monday, May 4, 2009

Orang Kampong! Ya Allah! HAHA

The day open with tears. The parents forced me to be with them at my mother’s village. I refused because I do have a plan with Hakim and friends, we are going to have a barbecue tomorrow, but I just cannot make to be with them because I am here, in ibu’s KAMPONG! Ohh GOD! What a boring day! The entire plan was ruin and it was all my parents' fault!

In the way back to Kuala Lipis, suddenly I remember my long time beloved! I do remember about my Syrn. Baby, imy!


The second day was okay. I woke up at nine because of the coldness here. Then, without a shower, go up and turn on the TV, still sleepy. Then, in a while, I was notice that the parents have left me behind, they were off to somewhere. Okay, I am okay with this leave-me-behind session! BTW, the house was soundless, I'd like it, but I can't afford it, I am bored and boring. Luckily, I have my Syrn inside my mind! Only Syrn can delete all my pains here!


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