Thursday, April 2, 2009


The first love is sweet to have. It is so being a dream of anyone that ever called human. Although you are not in a good shape or else, but we still in the same dream that is being in love. Even the superhuman also dream likes us. The first sight love is a thing that we cannot avoid and cancel. It will come to us without us knowing, besides the person we love is not the predict ones. Though it is our first love so keep cares on him/her with a totally care because the love is fragile and it easy to break. To boot, the first love is hard to erase and I still love my first EX until now!

The more I think of you, the more I feel the pain. You are so doing far from me nowadays. We never and ever had a known on each other after the last met yesterday. You are different and not being you after all. I miss you and I do want you to know my point. Now, I just do not know what you were doing, where have you been, and the most important question is, why you are different.

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