Monday, May 4, 2009

The accident!

3 MAY 2009


After 3 days I was not seeing you, today, OMG, I saw you! Baby, you are charming as always! HAHA


Then after Atiq was injured by an accident, he never in sad or in tears nor in pain, this strong Atiq was just laughing out a loud while still looking at his Ayah’s motorcycle, still in the power and looking bad at the side of the road. Then, he was looking at his very best friend’s face and then, gave a so-big smile to cheer-up his very innocent Hakim! HAHA Hakim’s jean was had a small extra cutting and he was never put the blame on me about that ‘very-cute-tattered’ that I was the one that gave it to him. Sorry me for damaged all your beautiful leg and jean! I do have injured at on my leg, there are two beautiful source of pain on my leg. Then, Ayah’s motor was accidentally scratched once again by ME. And once again, ayah, SORRY ME for that injured on your beloved motor, I am promising you that I will never involving again your motor in other accident, I promised you, indeed!

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