Sunday, March 29, 2009

the EX!

The things I feel when I think of you was I felt likes you are mine forever and I felt I love you. I just cannot forget about our first met and it was in Ramadan 2008 and that time, we were not fasting and drinking in your car, in three, we both plus your best buddy. Go to buy your room stuffs at Jusco and then, we go for a meal at Kenny Rogers and you bought my meal, thanks! After that, we go to your home and we watch LOVE GURU together in dark. We do talk and laugh about everything and you make me felt into you then, I lay my head on your shoulder and we do happy our first sleep together. Then, at 1:45am++, you sent me home and we are happy to repeat that time again later. Thanks for giving me an awesome first date! However, it is only in my mind and this moment badly not will be repeating again!


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