Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love you guys so bunchie muchie!

25 March 2009.

Eyza, Hakim and I were not being at school today, we were planning to run an outing together without the parents known, and the plan run smoothly at first. Hakim and me, the two of us told everyone that we were not schooling today and it was for the reason that we had a drama class to attend; it is our truly fake reason, at first, after all. Then, at 11am, Eyza was at my home and we were walking to her house for her changes.

Then, at 12pm++, after Eyza get ready with all her outfit and stuff, we walk to the train station to Subang Jaya, are at Subang Parade, and pick a bus straight to the Sunway Pyramid. Then, we were there, enjoyed our ‘sweet escape’ by laughing, talks, and eat a lot. We also went for ‘WATCHMEN’ at 2:10pm. The movie was great, it is filling with many love, porno and power elements, and we do enjoy this movie! Then, after three hour in the cinema, we were together, walking all over, the mall and I have found a jean and an awesome belt that I adore and I plan to get them mine soon! Then, our stomachs were making a noise and we were hungry. Additionally, the best part is, we were eating at KFC and somebody was buying that meal for us!

Then, after get full with the chicken and the things at KFC, another walking session run and suddenly Hakim disappeared. Eyza and I were so panic and searching for him at all over the mall. However, the searching was not finding any goal and I had to make some decisions, go home without him because it was already 8:30pm++. Then, in the way go out from there, Eyza has found Hakim and suddenly she was in tears. Then, take a bus and sit in three, together, on the two-sit chair, in the suck mini bus! OMG! Then, we were arrived at Shah Alam at 9pm++! It was so late and we were afraid to think what going to happen later on at home. Each of us imagined what will the parent talks and scared! Then, be home and the 'cold war' occur!

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