Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm much too good for you.

Heyy A! Get a life, you dumb-ass!

Days ago, I opened my heart to let a stranger to be my friend. Actually, that 'friend' which I called as 'A' was the one whom begging me for an approval to let us to befriending and I said yes with all my heart open.

As we got to know each other in about days, suddenly 'A' ask me some question about my love-life and whatsoever. I said that I am single and not ready for an official relationship and then 'A' just begging around and asked me for about billion times, 'A' wants to be my 'special friend'. M-O-R-O-N

I was sick and a bit tired with A's crazy mind. I ignored all the calls and texts as I refused to pick the phone up and reply all those lame texts. I then thought that 'A' was kind of sick of me as 'A' keep the things calm and silent. 'A' disappeared. But, out of the blue, last night 'A' wrote this up:

'Sejauh mane ur desire to be with me, atiq? I juz want to spend time with u..love n be loved..is it hard my dear?? i hope u'll think bout it! If u want to, tq.' Feb-15/ 22:27:51

I then laugh and laugh and laugh like seriously. This is the stupidest thing had happened in my entire life.


Anonymous said...

gelak lew ek smpai gulin2!

Lina.J said...

i thought it was me ;p ( buat terkejut je ) cuz my name start with letter A

atiqqqq said...


yes, jom gelak jom!

atiqqqq said...


bukan awak lah, awak xbodoh macam nie.

*btw, my name start with letter A too lah!

AdiE said...

its not funny la I PERSONALLY think..
but then, u've made clear statement about ur stand...thus, A shud respect that..

~daniel adie~

atiq said...

yes, A really need to respect my last words.

btw, thnks daniel adie.
keep your jambu okay?

zuhana zulkifli said...

the stupidiest won't be stupid ,when you blindfolded with something in the name of love .

it wasn't neither you or she to be blamed .it just a matter of time to let thing change .

lets the magic tell us all .

atiq said...

But sorry, I just thought that 'that' magic you've mentioned just now were just never come to help us.
I don't want that love, actually.
I'm not ready lah.

*this advice is very valuable!
thanks yeah.

meyra said...

ermm,mule2 aku igt aku ohh,sbb nme aku pun start A.tpi bile bace2 ohh bkn aku rupanye.kan atiq?bkn aku kn?:P
*asal saya ckp mcm keling?:D

keSENGALan teserlah.. said...


me too had the same thing..but then..
lama kelamaan,i dunt even care about him n he just walk away from me..
but,i felt guilty too..
huhu..apa nk wat kan..da hati taknak..

atiq said...


bukan kau lah, xyah risau k.

atiq said...


My guilty are still in me, until now, actually.
huu :|

Mr K said...

Kejap. Dia tau tak yang kau ni lelaki?

sebab at first place aku ingatkan kau ni perempuan. wtf >,>

atiq said...

Mr K:

HAHA bodoh lah soalan kau!