Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feeling like I just lost my good friends.

What's wrong with you, best-friends? Everything were messing me about and until now, I keep thinking of what's the fucking-asshole stuffs that breaks us into pieces. I just felt like we're breaking down again or should I say that we are now best friends-turned-enemies? Oh lord, please help me, I am just a victim of this hell-kind of situation and actually, I didn't get any big idea of what on earth were done to our relationship lately. How I wish we will last forever, BFF.


naz said...

tepuk keyboard tanya blog haha. chill yaww

Khaleeqa Idrus said...

"Friends come and go" that was what I've been told.

I hardly believed that but when I lost some of my used-to-be-friends, I got to admit that it was true.

Be strong, boy.

atiq said...


Chill yawww!
*thanks a lot for coming.

atiq said...


I've tried so hard to save this relationship, done everything nice and now, I mean today, the best friends are back beside me and we much appreciate others nowadays.

Thanks for being concern, kak!

Lina.J said...

atiq , this time its really i mean REALLY2 about me kn ? haha . i'm sori la darl , i'm sooo damn busy lately . and i'll try my best to be ur best friend *the old one .

x0xo ,
lina.j :)

atiq said...


This was not just about you, it's about us that have been puzzled me about like serious, actually.
I miss our old moments last year,
*taman comel, starbucks, lepak-lepak and everything*
Everyone getting busy nowadays, so do I actually.
However, I'm so very sure that each one of us still need/ have time to release our own tension and problems, right?
Let's just be the old us, I really missed that old 'us'.

Lina.J said...

atiq :

i miss our old lepak moments too . it's just now i have to be focus on SPM . it's doesn't mean i'll forget u guys . i'll try find a time so that we can spend a lot of time together again . jum tsyn mawar ?! hehe . H and his 'bestie' I , won't be so damn 'close' like today :p

atiq said...


Try to find that 'time' okay?
Mawar? I'll start my tuition there on this March, perhaps.
hee :D

Lina.J said...

yeah , i'll try my best ! okok . hehehehe ;p

atiq said...

That's my girl!
hehe :]