Friday, August 13, 2010

He sucks and I'm better.

It's a sad story of mine, a really sad sad story of mine. fckmylfe!

I'm really gotta let you go now and this is gonna be our last goodbye. Hmm please be good with your new love-life partner, baby. Just remember, I will always loving you from a very far distance as this is the only way I could do, after all. Bye.

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atiqqq said...

I might have been in love with a wrong person and that person I loved the most were had been away from me and ran after my lame ex and just that I couldn't live my life like me in my normal ways; I'm still alive, but I'm dead inside. Hmm as I don't want to be hurts anymore, I let you go and so, goodbye my forever-love and as you knew, I will always loving you and that's my final words. Take care, (I).