Sunday, July 25, 2010

I still care about you even though we are not the same, anymore.

I used all my sense to do anything that brings me to you (I), but ...

Section 1.1

I've been trying to reached you for the whole-long day today. I dialed your numbers, the two numbers you've got, but nothing good as the response. I've been trying to call you for about hundred times, but no to avail. Obviously I am worried about you and I literally know that you're now having problems within yourself, but please, pick up the phone. Okay baby? -.-

Section 1.2

You're now befriending with the one you hated before this and I just don't get the big idea about why are you doing all this shitty things. What's with that huh? You're so plastic, (I)!

Section 1.3

But after all yeah, you can still calling me if you needed some helping hands or a shoulder to cry on or maybe a good listener to listen to all your problems, okay?

Hmm awak, please be good and yeah I love you, always.

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