Thursday, March 4, 2010

Start every day with a smile and get it over with.

My world is not as dumb as it was before and I am smiling!

The school was fun!

I've been late for school, again. Rushing and running, I then smile to the others when they saw me in the assembly park. Sick of being a very cold blooded type of people, today, I truly felt like I really had to put on a big smile so that my cold-inner will not present and I kept smiling for the whole day.

In the classroom, all my best friends, they've told me that I've changed, from bad to a bit nicer, from a fierce buddy to a funny monkey, but suddenly something bad was pulling us, H was turning into a monster for several hours before the school hours stopped. H used to be not what I used to be in before, but lately, H's so unpredictable and he's got a swing mood, I think.

The night wasn't blue anymore!

Finally I had enough money and time for extra classes, thank God! The story begins when Amalina calling me and asked me to dressed and get ready for the night class. I was not expected for this, actually, but as we're attended that class, all I could say that my first night class was awesome! Thank you, everyone!


asna ashraff said...

smile~ :)

atiq said...


twinkle twinkle said...

SEMOGE KLS extra tu membantu atiq :D

atiq said...

Thanks dik.

*ehh mane pegi?
dah lame xdenga citer lah.

twinkle twinkle said...

hoho sehat jeee,,slalu tego kat fb pggl name je,,xchat pon haha :DD

atiq said...

ohh okay okay.
sekolah macam mane?

twinkle twinkle said...

haha ok kot,,but makin lame makin sedih jee kwn byk pindaa :((

mira mintak masuk smk seksyen 18 xdpt ouh :((

atiq said...

alah takpe lah. study elok elok taw?