Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Life without a friend is death without a witness.

1100-1600/Dec-7/Sunway Pyramid
At last, the plan was running and the reunion was just can be described by a word, it's AWESOME! Although the duration of this hang-around session were so short, but i love this moment! It's remained me to my pastime and whatsoever. We walks as best friends, again and that's so remarkable. We shared everything, we laugh heartily and making jokes around; we just same as before, nothing's changed. Then, we had a karaoke time as we went to Redbox together, as planned. Oh man, it's takes a long time and this was the first time, the three of us, walks together, back, as we've been apart for a period and now's the good time to recover all those black memories last year, I guess.

*we: nizam, hakim and me.


faqiha said...

ahah..atiq karaoke woo :)
adoi sedih la mira bce entry ni,,:(
mira rindu kwn mira laaa

atiqqqq said...

huu atq pun rindu kwn atq jugak!

Lina.J said...

haha . at last u got the best time with ur best friends :) i wish i was there :I

atiqqqq said...

I wish you were there in the moment.
but yeah, next Friday, kua hangout, okay kan?

Lina.J said...

hehe . ok :)

atiqqqq said...

okay lah kalau okay.