Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I hate my December, suddenly!

0922, I received a phone call from H and he said that all the plan for today, Dec 1st (watch New Moon together, Red Box session and all) were called-off and will be reschedule soon. This is the countless time, all the plans are ruined and I'm so glad to be mad now, I **** my best friends (so much)! Thanks for this call-off session guys!


Lina.J said...

hye , i'm sori ! i didn't mean to break the promise . what if , next week , i PROMISE ( the real one ) we go to sunway pyramid . but just to have fun . i've got not enough money to watch the movie . so , mybe we just go there to have fun . ok ?!

xoxo ,
your best friend - lina.j

faqiha said...


atiqqqq said...

Lina. J:
i believe you this time.
please don't break me, again.

atiqqqq said...

thanks fr being concern.
thanks again!

Lina.J said...

i cross my heart !

atiqqqq said...

okay then.