Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lova lova-ship!

I had a date and it was so-called a ‘good’ date for me. For the very first time, I met my best person and I was so blissful. Then, I imagined how far this relationship would last and I contemplation something will happen and curse this love-ship! Hopefully, god will save our love and us!


Azrie Idzmeer said...

haish tak cukup lagi cerita ni. ceritalah siapa empunya diri?

atiqqqq said...

HAHAHHA ape lahh u!
ohh nak taw ke?
nanti i share nan u okay?
hehe ;]


Azrie Idzmeer said...

haha ape lagi, cite la skunk.

atiqqqq said...

HAHA ntah lah u!
dye dgn i skng tp i xrase pon.
mcm mane i nak citer!
huuuuu sedih je.