Thursday, January 29, 2009

just my luck!

Yesterday was jerk for me! I saw all my family was apart! My mother was arguing with his hubby, with my father. And my sister was goes out with her ex without her boyfriend known anything about her date today! She was not faithful to her love! I’m so upset with all this matter! Only my best friend, Hakim, knew everything that happened today! He’s very good listener and such a loyal fellow! He was there whenever I need someone to talk with. Then, we were riding ayah’s motorcycle around in the rain with all of happiness! I'm happy today! HA-HA. I can feel heaven whenever me with him! Thanks a lot Hakim for doing such a good moment for me today! I have my good rehab and I’m in good condition now!

Then, I’ve home after send Hakim home. Ibu and ayah suddenly get mad on me! I’m totally lost my idea about their feeling! I’ve done nothing, but I am still their desire aim! What the F*! I’ve even lost all my wonderful appetite for eating up my dinner! I ran to my room and get a sleep at 2140! Suddenly at 2235, Ibu knocks my door and invite me for a dinner! She talks to me softly and nicely! But I refuse to join them! Thanks Ibu for being understanding and care of my heart! I love you so really much! Same goes to you to ayah!


princeshetaki said...

hey atiqsyimir, not hear from u for quite sometime... u have a blog now, suprisingly, im not updated with this. huhu neway gud luck with ur blog.


-n.a.b.i.l.a- said...

hei..just wanna say HYE!
hv 2 say it here as u hv no cbox..
enjoy u'r day!